Intech Group of Companies had a humble beginning under the visionary entrepreneurship of Mr. S. Chakravarty in the year 1991. In an era where major companies and multinationals in India sourced most of their products from foreign, known and credible vendors, Intech challenged the entire packaging industry by approaching leading courier companies with tempting quotes and unquestionable production quality. There was no looking back from here, within a few years Intech was the sole Indian company that was not just supplying packaging bags to courier companies in India; but also exporting packaging bags to Multinational Courier companies all across the world. Nevertheless, this was not the world for Intech. With smart strategies and quick adaptability Intech’s packaging made its foray into the world of FMCG. FMCG giants and multinationals like Unilever, Procter&Gamble, Colgate, Cadbury, Coca Cola, etc started sourcing bulk packaging for their all key brands from us.

Intech then diversified into conducting large scale promotional activities and campaigns with the supply of lenticular products (i.e. cards and posters) for FMCG Multinational brands for their publicity and merchandising and popular Bollywood and Hollywood films.

Progress has never been slow and steady for Intech, it has rather been in leaps and bounds. Within less than a decade of it’s inception, Intech metamorphosed from a small packaging company to a formidable group of companies having its offices in various countries. Periodically setting newer targets and higher benchmarks, Intech also entered Bollywood industry as an individual Producer, Financer and World Wide promoter of Hindi Feature films starring only Superstars like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, etc.

With changing times and growing success the Leaders of Intech recognized the potential in the field of commodity trading and hence targeted the Global Market for trading in essential commodities like Crude and refined petroleum, Food Grains, Sugar, Minerals and Gold. Since then, our companies in the U.A.E and UK have bagged and bought over exclusive allocations of Sugar, Food grains, Crude Petroleum and refined petroleum from various suppliers, refineries and major Oil Companies. Within a few years of officially making a foray into the world of International Commodity Trading, today Intech has a strong presence Worldwide amidst major Commodity and Fuel suppliers and Buyers.