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Worldwide Film Promotions

Intech Association with Hindi Films As The World Wide Promoter
Armed with years of expertise in media promotion and a deep insight into Multinational’s and Corporate’s psyche with regards to brand promotions and marketing, Intech made a spectacular entry into Big Budget and Big Starrer Hindi Films, as a World Wide Promoter of the Films. As a Worldwide Promoter, Intech etched its own brand value at a level above the rest in the Bollywood Entertainment Industry that pulsates throughout generations of Indian masses and classes across the Globe.

Association with the Blockbuster film “Wanted”
Redefining promotions in the Hindi Film Industry, Intech for the first time in the history of Bollywood, bought over the promotional rights of the Salman starrer “Wanted”. The film was promoted in a way which was never experienced before in the annals of Bollywood history, ultimately contributing immensely to the success of the film. The promotional events were specifically targeted to cover the single screen audience, who were wooed into the cinema halls apart from the normal multiplex viewers. Promotional Events were planned in places having heavy footfalls like the malls and culminated in a Football match in Kolkata.

Association with London Dreams
Riding on the success of the film “Wanted”, Intech moved onto the Vipul Shah directed, “London Dreams” also starring Salman Khan, Asin and Ajay Devgn. This film, shot extensively in London has turned out to be one of the most successful film, this festival season.

Intech organized promotional events across the length and breadth of the country and abroad. Keeping in mind the musical theme of the film, Intech conducted a 'London Dreams' Concert in Kolkata. To break the monotony and also using cricket as a second biggest crowd puller after Bollywood, a promotional match between the London Dreams team headed by Salman Khan and a local team was organized in the city of Indore.

All of Intech’s activities pulled in lakhs of the film crazy audiences to these promotional events.

Apart from the above, a massive public relations exercise was launched in the media, building up a crescendo for the film, creating a kind of inquisitiveness, hype and interest in the potential viewer, thereby luring the audience to the cinema hall, which is the primary objective of any promotion.

Association with VEER
Intech prides itself as the first company in the Indian film space not only to hold promotional events for a film but also successfully culminating them by pushing the public to the cinema halls to watch the film. After 'Wanted' becoming the most wanted film last year followed by an equally successful 'London Dreams' , Intech took charge of the most ambitious project ever thought of in the film industry -'Veer'. The only phrase apt for 'Veer' would be 'Larger than life'. With its period theme and luxurious sets and a colossal budget, Veer turned out to be a challenging project to handle in terms of the standard, treatment and theme of promotions.

As compared to the conventional crowd pulling promotional events for 'Wanted' and 'London Dreams', Intech presented 'Veer' to the audience in a manner unseen and unheard of.

The promotional events for this film were organized across the country with a huge level of grandeur climaxing to an impressive ‘Veer Ka Darbar’ event this year at the Oberoi Mall in Mumbai on the day of the release of the film.

Considering the historical nature and the huge canvas of the film, a great deal of importance was given to the stage and its looks. A team of professional and competent stage designers worked seamlessly replicating the look and feel of the film into a ‘Darbar’ at the event venue. To, ensure that the audience get a reel to real life feel of the film and connect instantly with the same, a temporary set was erected inside the main atrium area naming it the ‘Darbar’, so as to create the 1875 feel in sync with the look of the film. Various competitions and contests were held here, thus giving a very festive and carnival-type feel. Some of the major contests held at the ‘Veer Ka Darbar’ were 'Veer Ki Dulhan' and 'Veer Ka Dum' and ‘Veer Ka Teer’.

‘Veer Ki Dulhan’ was a unique a hunt for the perfect bride for 'Veer'. The contest chose not just beauty with brains but shortlisted the most suitable brides with strong and genuine virtues for a fearless ‘Pindhari’ like 'Veer'. ‘Veer Ka Teer’ was an archery contest for small children where the participants and winners were handed out gift vouchers and goody bags. Similarly 'Veer Ka Dum' was a talent hunt offering every form of talent a platform to perform. Apart from these contests, the entire event was spiced up with impactful and breathtaking audio visuals of the film, specially focusing on Salman Khan’s gladiator look.

'Veer Ka Durbar' was a three day long festival involving the cast and crew of the film and converging to a grand finale on the third day where finalists chosen through the various rounds of each of the contests were judged by 'Veer' i.e. Salman Khan himself.With a crowd of over 27,000 people attending the grand finale of the 'Veer ka Darbar' inside and outside the Oberoi Mall, this event once again marked the success and affirmed the trend of film promotions that was pioneered by Intech with ‘Wanted’.