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Intech Int'l UK Ltd.

Having established a credible presence in the Middle East crude oil market, Intech Group of Companies found it imperative to create a niche for their own brand in the European Market. Hence, Intech Int'l UK Ltd. was established. Now, our target was Russia which happens to be controlling the second largest oil reserves in the world. One of the main reasons for starting Intech Int’l UK Ltd, was the uncomplicated and obvious connectivity between Russia and Rotterdam which is the largest port in Europe, consequently offering convenient and available storage facilities for Oil. A team of competent strategists, marketing personnel and finance officers putting in their combined efforts attracted numerous fuel allocations from leading Refineries and Oil Companies in Russia kick starting a fresh series of dealings involving procurement of Russian Diesel D2 Gas Oil, JP 54 and MAZUT and supplying the same to Prestigious Corporations within Europe and U.S.A. Today, Intech has access to an exclusive contract with two of the leading refineries in Russia for a large and steady monthly supply of 500,000 Metric Tonnes of Diesel D2 Gas Oil and JP54 each.