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In the year 1991 Intech for the first time made the multilayered courier satchel in India. Within eight months Intech was exporting these satchels to various regions of the world. By 1993 Intech International had its supply office well established in the UK and became an internationally known packaging company to reckon with. All the top courier companies were sourcing their supply of satchels from Intech. Intech then started supplying complimentary packaging envelops to American express in the US and Canada. Mean while back in India Intech had made in roads from their traditional courier packaging to various other field i.e. milk packaging, ice cream packaging, packaging for automobile gears which were exported from India to Germany, packaging of Share certificates for the Stock Exchange and various multinational banks like CITI Corp, HSBC, Standard Chartered, American Express. Intech International has also supplied multiple container loads of refuse bags to UK and the rest of Europe. At that point of time with a strong lobby emerging against the usage of plastic bags Intech sensed that this venture of theirs will face a lot of environmental restrictions, protest and barriers therefore it then ventured into a new avenue of lenticular animation posters.


Making a foray into commercial corporate tie ups and promotional activities of big banner Films, Intech successfully executed promotional activities with the supply of lenticular products (i.e. cards and posters) for FMCG brands for their publicity and merchandising.

Two flip and three flip images with a full motion effect, zoom effects with a complete 3-D depth have been our forte. Several promotional campaigns with brands like Kissan Jam, Coca Cola, Fair & Lovely, Sunsilk, Lux, Hutch, Tiger Biscuits, etc conducted by Intech International were enormously successful.

Our clientele included multinationals like- Hindustan Lever, Procter and Gamble, Colgate, Palmolive, Nestle India, Cadburys India, Castrol, Brittania Industries, City Bank, Parle Products, Johnson & Johnson, Shaw Wallace, Henkel Spic, Godrej Appliances, ITC, Rhone Polunce, Kellogs, Lakme Levers, Samsung Electronics, Lupin Labs, TNT Express, DHL World Wide, Fedex, UPS, Blue Dart, Aramex and many more.

Apart from popular brands this company has provided lenticular posters for various popular Bollywood and Hollywood films like Johnny Gaddar, Veer Zara, Kaal, National Treasure, Spiderman, Chronicles of Narnia, 10,000 BC, Hancock and many more.

Infilms & Promotions

Graduating from Corporates , Multinationals and FMCGs, Intech pioneered the concept of in-film branding and brand integration with pre release promotional campaign of films. Intech successfully executed tie ups with films and has been involved in corporate and in-film brandings of various Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan starrers. With Fiza marking it's entry into films, Intech has done corporate tie ups and in film branding for Koi Mil Gaya, Aap Mujhe Achhe Lagne Lage, Dum, Yaadein, Family, Baba(Tamil), Indra (Telugu), Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon and many more. Not just that, Intech International has also conducted the pre and post release promotion of various big banner films like Krrish, Paheli, Chakde India and many more in UK and USA.

The Hindi Film Industry opened up new avenues of marketing for Intech and Intech started coming up with fresher promotional ideas and campaigns breaking its own record of innovation. Intech’s exclusive tie-up with Vodafone Company in India was one of the largest promotional campaigns ever heard of in the world of Corporates and Multinationals. Vodafone’s “Filmy Recharge” and “Filmy Connection” campaign was Intech’s brainchild execution where every new connection or a pre-paid recharge entitled the user a free complimentary Video CD of a recent hit Hindi film. This campaign proved to be a huge success for Vodafone.