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The world production of sugar is about 155 million tonnes annually, with more than one hundred countries producing sugar. The largest of them are Brazil. Most of the sugar production is consumed in the countries of origin, with only about 28% traded in the world market.

The Intech Group is a significant participant in the world sugar market, with a wealth of experience in the sector. Annually, we physically move atleast 5 Million Metric Tonnes of Brazilian refined cane sugar in bulk. We charter vessels ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 tonnes on both a voyage and time charter basis. Intech’s foray into the Global Market of Commodities was marked with an annual allocation of Brazilian Refined Cane Sugar ICUMSA 45 from know supplier in South America. We have grown to be holding more than three bulk annual allocations from reputed suppliers across Brazil and Central America.

Intech works with producers in Brazil, Central America, Thailand, India and South Africa, and end-users in North Africa and the Middle East, the Subcontinent, South East Asia and the Far East; to source and place their physical requirements.

Today, we have an assured and a growing presence in the dynamic white and refined bagged sugar markets of sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

We invest time in building long term relationships with our customers, helping where necessary with financing solutions and working together to anticipate – and react to – changing market conditions.

Our sugar business provides an integrated supply service to industrial users with white or refined sugar according to their unique quality specifications and needs. Annualy, we trade in atleast 30 Million Metric Tonnes of Brazilian Refined Cane Sugar ICUMSA 45. The Intech Group of Companies has plans of venturing into the Raw Sugar Market in the near future.


Rice is the staple food for over three billion people making it the world's most important grain. Each Year, close to 700 million tonnes of paddy [450 million tonnes of milled rice] is produced, with over 90% of the production being concentrated in Asia, given the favorable climatic condition and the relatively lower costs of production. China and India account for almost two thirds of this production with Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and Myanmar making up the balance.

Our involvement in the rice and foodgrains industry began as an extension to our existing trade of sugar.With strong Indian roots, it was only natural for the Intech Group to pioneer it’s venture into the Global Food Grain market with bulk trading of Traditional Indian Basmati Rice. Our strategy targeted some of the leading suppliers of Indian Basmati Rice with India itself. Within no time, our efficient marketing and arbitrage team bagged us yearly procurement allocations from some of the most prestigious Indian supplier’s parallelly ensuring the disbursement of the product through various monthly and annual sale purchase contracts from equally reputed Buyer’s from across the world. The variants of Basmati Rice that we trade in roughly amounts to a minimum of 800,000 Metric Tonnes annually.

Our Global Marketing Team backed by our media marketing personnel is currently planning to launch Intech’s own brand of Basmati Rice. Our brand will be first launched in the continent of Africa since according to recent study, rice is the most rapidly growing source of food in Africa, and is of significant importance to food security in an increasing number of low-income food-deficit countries. Intech works with clients on what has historically been one of the most volatile of agricultural commodities. This could include making sense of a market such as India, which alternates from being a major exporter to a significant importer, as well as how to access the important opportunities that are developing in countries such as China.