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We are physical traders and we move energy from markets that are in surplus to markets that are in deficit, across borders and oceans. We move it competitively and efficiently, fully conscious of our responsibility to manage all our operations safely and with due care for the environment.

A world class shipping operation is an essential part of the management of our supply chain, underpinned by the depth of operational experience that exists across the shipping team. Commercial and operational control of shipping allows the trading groups to provide ultimate flexibility to their customers as well as offering risk management solutions for Intech’s freight exposure.

The Intech Group contracts vessels using various financial structures and for varying periods from a few weeks to a number of years, that are underpinned by the core cargo flows of the trading groups, however, these contracts need to be commercially viable in their own right. Contracts will vary in terms of structure and period from a few weeks to many years. The aim of the shipping group is to maximise the utilisation and thereby the returns, from these assets under our commercial control. Shipping profitability is maximised and exposure is itself managed using a range of third party and internal cargoes, contracts of affreightment and derivatives.

The portfolio of cargoes and shipping activity is extensive and includes crude oil, oil products, dry cargo, such as coal, food grains and sugar. We are expanding our activities in the dry cargo market where, as with every other Intech business, market intelligence is key to our success.