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Crude Oil

The Intech Group of Companies today is a significant participant in the global crude oil markets and crude oil is a large part of Intech’s total commodity portfolio. Intech trades crude oil globally. Years of experience of turning market intelligence into market advantage as well as our extensive links with all the major crude producers and refiners has enabled us to work with existing and new crude streams in various parts of the world. We already have our presence in the Middle East and UK markets apart from India. Our companies in Dubai and London work extensively collaborating with key producers and refining companies worldwide, executing Procurement and Sale of varieties of Crude Oil. Our personnel are highly experienced – most notably in the fields of marketing, oil field rehabilitation, production, and arbitrage management across differing economic and geographical areas.

Our partners and associates acquire crude oil for processing, as per our client’s specific requirements. Our Petroleum Management and Marketing Team is at the Centre of these operations, purchasing crude oil from multiple sources including the Russian Republic, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, North African and West African producers – for subsequent refining in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. The team constantly seeks to take advantage of the opportunities presented by its positions, using a combination of purchases on spot markets, special sales and exchanges to achieve it’s results. The subsequent success has propelled the Corporation’s continuous growth in the crude market, leading to the company being recognized by both public and private companies as a highly skilled partner in the petroleum field.

Petroleum Products

Building on foundations in the conversion and processing of crude oil has expanded its activities into the international trading of a wide range of petroleum products. These include LPG, naphtha, motor gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, gas oil and fuel oils. We are now an established global leader in the trading of petroleum products, utilizing the unique knowledge gained through our multiple activities across markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. This background is compounded by our flexibility, technical sophistication and broader sector experience.

Oil Services

The oil and gas industry is under constant pressure to improve drilling performance. For operators, this translates into meeting the challenges of rapidly and safely creating the best possible wellbore at the lowest total construction cost – while simultaneously ensuring that subsequent well construction activities such as casing, cementing and completing can take place with the highest efficiency for long-term production benefit. Working as one, the Corporation’s drilling, fluids, drill-bit and seamless line services combine the right experts, processes and technologies. This unity doesn’t just optimize drilling performance: it also positively affects the entire wellbore construction process and subsequent asset recovery, and generally helps to lower the total spread cost of the well’s construction by making all of the required activities considerably easier to execute.


Through International relations, we pursue opportunities to commercialize our supply partnerships. In partnership with these clients, we have the ability to supply on a contract basis very large qty’s of both heavy and light crude oil from our partner supplier base. Our clients are government-owned corporations under the direction of the Ministry of Petroleum, oil and natural gas producers and rank amongst some of the world's largest oil companies. Our associated suppliers are responsible for the exploration, extraction, transportation and exportation of crude oil, as well as sales of natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Having provided the domestic refineries and manufacturing plants with crude oil required for the petroleum products, they export surplus production according to commercial considerations in the framework of the quotas determined by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and at the prices prevalent in the international markets. Our suppliers also sign long-term contracts on "buy- back" basis with foreign companies in order to exploit national oil fields and export its products.

As a an oil services company, our aim is to provide advisory services to a broad customer base worldwide comprised of institutional investors, financial intermediaries, global corporations, sovereign governments and national organization. We strive to provide first-class products and execution capabilities to a global corporate client base. This thrives on our strengths in advising on processing agreements, crude oil supply both on a spot and contract basis and project management in getting product to customers in a timely fashion.

The Intech Group of Companies is committed to high standards of corporate governance, ensuring that we create value to our customers. Good corporate governance seeks to balance entrepreneurial leadership, control and transparency, supporting a company’s success by ensuring an efficient decision-making process.The team has forged some close relationships with producers/Traders world over. Through these relationships the Intech Group has capabilities to source product or supply either direct or through third parties to /from companies such as NNPC, ENOC, ARAMCO, ADNOC, UPC, SYTROL, Gazprom and KOC among others. Coupled with the experience in the downstream, NSIC Board members have been involved with upstream activity and in life support services. Among some of the clients to whom these services were provided are PARCO, JGC, Dragon Oil.