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Intech Capital Ltd.

Intech’s foray into the field of Finance was long overdue. In view of a challenging economic and financial scenario, clouding over global economy and resulting in the after effects on various largescale projects across the world prompted us to make attempts at strategizing a stable modus operandi that could make a difference to this entire Financial setting. Our subsidiary company namely Intech Capital Ltd. has been incorporated for this purpose. Intech Capital Ltd. is based in London which is one of the biggest Financial Centres of the World.

Intech Capital Ltd. specializes in the field of Trading of MTNs, Financial Assets, Corporate Bonds, Financial Instruments and Products , etc. Apart from this, Intech Capital Ltd. also provides short term and long term Finance to various Infrastructure and Development Projects through Joint Venture Partnership. We have associated with various prestigious banking and Non-banking organizations across the world to successfully conduct various Financial Trades and offer Funding to various projects.

Apart from this Intech Capital Ltd. is venturing into Private Placement Investment Programs with some of the World’s Biggest and Top rated Banks. We have plans of establishing our own Trading Desk under our own Brand name in the near future.